1000 - 801 BCE


Date 1st Place Event
1000   Greece Ionians dispossessed from their homeland, found 12 cities on west coast of Asia Minor, among them Miletus and Ephesus.
    Greece Greek script, based on old Semitic-Phoenician characters with additional vowels, uses only capital letters (to 800).
    China Script fully developed.
    Israel Hebrew alphabet, as opposed to earlier Semitic alphabets, developed.
    Babylon Cuneiform writing in Urartu.
    Israel Beginning of Hebrew literature; Song of Deborah, later collected in Song of Songs.
    India Pantheistic religion develops (Brahminism & Atmanism) teaching identity of self, transmigration of the soul; caste system.
    India Lunar year has 360 days adjusted at random to coincide with solar year.
    China Rational philosophy of Chou dynasty gains over mysticism of earlier Shan (Yin) dynasty.
    China Textbook of mathematics includes planimetry, proportions, "rule of 3" arithmetic, root multiplications, geometry, equations with one and more unknown quantities, theory of motion.
    Greece Earliest use of iron in Greece.
    USA Pinto Indians build huts in Sierra, Nevada and California, using wood interwoven with reeds and covered with loam.
    Israel David becomes king to 960.
    Egypt Wigs used by aristocrats.
    Assyria Wigs used by aristocrats.
    Israel The caftan is worn.
960   Israel Solomon becomes king.
    Israel Solomon collaborates with Phoenician & Egyptian architects to build Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem.
    Greece Temple of Hera built in Olympia.
    Israel Water supply system through reinforced subterranean tunnels built in Jerusalem.
950 Y Egypt 1st verified date of poppies grown.
    Babylon Chaldeans use water-filled cube for measuring time, weight, and length.
    Europe Gold vessels and jewelry in use in north.
    Greece Political unification of Attica under rule of Athenian kings.
  Y China 1st record of Peking.
933   Israel
(meaning of this word changes)
King Solomon dies; kingdom divided into Israel (Northern Kingdom) & Judah (Southern Kingdom).
    Judah Rehoboam I becomes king to 917.
    Israel Jeroboam I becomes king to 907.
900   Cyprus Phoenicians settle.
    Israel Earliest prophets.
879   Israel Samaria (formerly Sichem) rebuilt as capital & becomes religious center of Israel.
    Corinth Dorians conquer.
    Nineveh Royal palace & Ishtar Temple rebuilt.
      Bronze doors and black obelisk at palace in Balawat are evidence of highly developed metal & stone sculpture.
      Leather scrolls with translations of Old Babylonian texts into Aramaic and Greek represent link between early clay tablets and Greek papyrus.
841 Y China Beginning of verified historical chronology.
813   Carthage Carthage founded as trading center with Tyre.

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