800 - 601 BCE



Date 1st Place Event
800   Spain Greeks settle on coast.
    Italy Etruscans move into Italy, bringing urban civilization of high order; introduce hand cranks and horse-drawn chariots.
    Assyria Clothes almost the same for men & women.
    Judea Amaziah, king of Judea, defeated by Israel, is killed in Judean rebellion.
    Thebes A woman reigns as high priest.
    Delphi Apollo is worshipped.
    Greece Homer refers to highly developed battlefield surgery.
  Y   First iron utensils.
784   Israel Jeroboam II, last important ruler of Israel to 744.
776 Y Greece 1st Olympic Games; will be celebrated every 4th year.
775 Y China Solar eclipse of September 6 is the first authenticated date in Chinese history.
753   Rome Foundation of the city.
750   Israel Amos, Hosea, & Isaiah fight religious & social issues.
    India Medicine becomes divorced from priesthood; medical training uses anatomical models.
746   Assyria Tiglath-pileser III subjugates Syria & Philistia.
    Greece Hesiod
    Babylon Astronomy understands planetary movements; new calendar confirmed.
    China Astronomy understands planetary movements; new calendar confirmed.
    Europe Hallstatt culture uses spoked-wheels & horseshoes.
    Assyria Animal bladders used as swimming aids in warfare.
705   Egypt King Sennacherib of Assyria defeats.
    Judea King Sennacherib of Assyria defeats.
690   Judea Manasseh becomes king to 638.
    Greece The worship of Apollo and Dionysus (later named Baccus) and mysticisms such as Orphism gain acceptance.
    India Brahminic religion defines six stages of the transmigration of the soul.
    Judea  Submits to Assyria.
      King Assurbanipal establishes famous library with over 22,000 clay tablets (history, medicine, astronomy, astrology; movements of planets, and signs of zodiac).
    Assyria Water clocks used.
640   Greece Solon, Athenian law giver and statesman to 560.
638   Judea Josiah becomes king to 608.
    Judea Josiah revives Yahweh worship in Jerusalem.
  Y Greece 1st written laws of Athens by Draco.
630   Persia Zoroaster founds movement (to 553).
    Spain Kaleus is first to sail through Straits of Gilbraltar (Pillars of Hercules).
      Glaucus of Chios invents soldering of iron.
    Greece Acropolis in Athens is begun.
    Babylon Nineveh becomes important trading center.
    Judea Nebuchadnezzar II makes Judea tributary.
    Egypt Nebuchadnezzar II defeats Egyptian army under Necho.
    Babylon Marduk temple begun.

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