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Linguistic Analysis

TeHOM corresponds precisely with the Akkadian word TIAMAT and the Arabic word TIHAMAT.  

TIHAMAT means the "land sloping towards the sea."  


TIAMAT is the name of the goddess of the primeval World-Ocean who existed from time immemorial and was the mighty foe of the Creator god.  

"The Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish): Tablets I-III"

She is primeval Chaos, bearer of the skies and the earth, mother of Lahmu, Lahamu, Anshar, and of Kishar. Within Enuma Elish her physical description includes, a tail, a thigh, "lower parts" (which shake together), a belly, an udder, ribs, a neck, a head, a skull, eyes, nostrils, a mouth, and lips. She has insides, a heart, arteries, and blood. The clamor of the younger gods disturbed her, but she continued to indulge them. When her husband Apsu and his vizier Mummu suggested that they kill the younger gods, she grew furious, calmed down and rejected the plan. Her restless subservient gods goaded her into action after Apsu is slain. They prepared to wage war against the other gods. As Mother Hubur, the underworld river, who fashions all things, she bore giant snakes with venom for blood, and cloaked dragons with a godlike radiance yet with a terrible visage, for the war. She rallied a horned serpent, a mushussu-dragon, a lahmu-hero, a ugallu-demon, a rabid dog, a scorpion-man, umu-demons, a fish-man, a bull-man, and eleven others underneath her champion and new lover, Qingu. She gave Qingu the Tablet of Destinies to facilitate his command and attack. (Dalley pp. 231-249)

"The Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish): Tablets IV-V"

Marduk came with his host to attack her. Qingu's strategy initially confuses him, and Tiamat tried to enspell him, hurling jibes at him. She was rebuffed and incited into single combat with Marduk. She continued to cast her spell and Marduk nets her, and throws a wind at her. She tried to swallow it and was undone - distended, shot, sliced in two and cut in the heart. Her crushed skull heralded her death, and half of her body was used to roof up the sky. Her eyes became the sources of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. (Dalley pp. 249-257)


Enumah Elish Intro

Enuma Elish Tablet I

Enuma Elish Tablet II





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