Transparency means everyone can see and for that to take place everyone must have a part in the discussion. The BHC Guideline below creates the open safe environment for transparent discussions to take place. Participation in Team discussions requires the agreement to follow the guideline.

I will make my Belief System large enough to include all of the Facts.
I will be open enough to allow my Beliefs to be examined and questioned.
I will be flexible enough to change my Beliefs if Errors or new Facts are discovered.

Team members agree to give Facts a priority position in discussions by guaranteeing a place for them in all discussions. They also give other members permission to examine and question what they say.  This must be done in a civil manner that shows respect. Questions are not view as threats; they are requests that ask for additional information. 

"Believers" and "unbelievers" usually participate in discussions with people that hold the same beliefs or in an environment in which everyone understands what questions not to ask. In that environment  comments are made in which additional explanations are not required because everyone knows their group's story. BHC Transparency Teams often have members with very different stories, so details must filled in to help others understand "what's not being said."

In the process of answering questions Team Members often discover new things about beliefs that are so deeply embedded in their memories they don't even think about them in specifics anyone more. Once specific beliefs that separate members are identified, they turn their efforts to working together to discover their origins and understanding how they may have evolved over time.

This process brings Team Members together and creates new relationships between participants who may have viewed each other as enemies before. That's the ultimate goal. It not only works with discussions about religious beliefs -- it also works when political and economic beliefs are discussed.

Memorize the guideline above and do not hesitate to use it in Team discussions. You may have to remind each other every now and then that everyone agreed to follow it. Why? One fact that applies to everyone is that they are all human and perfection is not a human trait. 

One final point is that Team discussions give members an opportunity to develop skills required to function as citizens of a democracy.