Agreement of Explorers to follow the BHC Guideline below is a major factor in creating open safe environments for discussions to take place.

My Belief System will be Large Enough to include all of the Facts.
Open Enough to be Examined and Questioned,
and Flexible Enough to Change when Errors or new Facts are discovered.

Facts are observable and measurable by anyone because they exist outside of people. Beliefs exist only in human brains, but they are the building blocks of individual Realities -- the models brains use to view and give meanings to sensory perceptions.  

Giving fellow Explorers permission to Examine and Question each others Beliefs in a civil respectful manner creates a Team environment. Questions are not view as threats, but simply as requests from a team members for more information.  This is a key skill for creating and maintaining relationships. It is their differences that create awareness of new areas to explore.