​​​My belief systems will be large enough to include all of the facts,

open enough to be examined and questioned,

and flexible enough to change when errors or new facts are discovered.


​This is the "Prime Directive" for Biblical Heritages Explorers. It is a time-tested guideline that works like a compass to keep us on course as we identify and explore Belief Models we have acquired over a lifetime that form Biblical Heritages. Our journey take us back in history in order to identify our biological and spiritual ancestors -- the people whose DNA created our bodies and whose belief models created our realities (the ways we view and give meanings to what we perceive).

Realities generate "certainty" and allowing others to examine and question our most trusted belief models triggers the urge to defend instead of exploring them. Taking the Pledge we give each other permission to examine and question each other's beliefs. We all have the goal -- understand the origins and histories of belief models in our Belief Systems. 

We also understand that "exploring is a team activity" -- an individual cannot objectively examine his or her own beliefs. Examining is carried out by the conscious functions of the brain, while the subconscious function is engaged in defending and protecting its belief models. The subconscious function processes information one million times faster than the conscious function!

1. Team members help each be aware of what their subconscious functions are doing.

2. Team members are looking for facts related to beliefs. 

3. All team members will discover errors in their Belief Systems.

Becoming a Biblical Heritage Explorer

1. "Take the Explorer's Pledge." Simply read the words below out loud by yourself or to someone else. Read them slowly and think about what they mean. 

My belief system will be large enough to include all of the facts,
it will be open enough to be examined and questioned,
and it will be flexible enough to change when errors or new facts are discovered.

2. Subscribe to our Exploring Our Biblical Heritages educational emails (go to the bottom of page to subscribe). They are free and since they are emails they are much more secure than social media with its brain hackers and companies selling your information.

3. Create a team.  Share our educational emails with others and discuss them. You will soon find someone else that will "Take the Pledge." Limit the size of your team to five to seven members. Everyone must have a place at the table and opportunities to equally participate.

4. Begin by using the Explorers Map to teach members the basics and becoming familiar with the areas they will exploring.  give you an introduction to exploring. 

That's it. We recommend that you find your first team member and learn to work together through the basics and discussions about our educational emails that relate to beliefs that are important to you first. As time passes, people often participate in multiple teams that focus on different beliefs that are of interest to them -- and those teams become part of the BHC Explorers Network

If you would like to let us know that you took the pledge, 
click here to tell us. That would make us very happy. We want to do everything that we can to make your explorations successful!