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Teaming Up With BHC

Teaming up with BHC to explore options for answers and actions to questions related to biblical heritages begins with making sure everyone has the basic skills they will need to be a team member. Each person must know some basic biological things about themselves, the guidelines for working together as part of a team and the vocabulary required for working with memes (things that only exist in human brains). We encourage you to find at least one other person to team up with you because it is virtually impossible to objectively examine your own beliefs.

BHC provides handouts that guide you through the Basic Skills for Teaming Up. You will find references to them in our blogs, videos and online discussions. Having someone to study with will help even more. We are in the startup phase of "Teaming Up" now and will be adding new handouts and other resources regularly. ​​Bookmark this page because it is under construction and new information will be added regularly. 

We would also like to know when new people decide to "team up" with us. Send Jim Myers an email at or message him on Facebook or Twitter. (This is optional, not a requirement.)

Teaming Up Basic Skills Handouts

01 Meet Your Brain

02 Every Team Member Has a Voice in Discussions

03 Building a “Transparency Vocabulary”