The “Y” stands for Yeshua, the actual name of the Jesus of History. "Jesus" is an English word and the English language did not even exist when Yeshua lived and taught. Using his real name reminds us of the importance of reconnecting to his life, culture and world, as we work to accurately understand his words.

The "Y" Team incorporates modern science with the values, morals and wisdom principles of Yeshua. Science needs values, morals and wisdom. Religion needs science for examining and testing its beliefs, creeds and doctrines.  We partner with the Lives 1st Initiative of the TOV Center and its facts-based approach.

The “Y” Team is about "saving" living people from things that are destroying lives, threatening lives, making lives less functional and decreasing the quality of life. It is not about believing the right things so you can go to heaven and live like gods forever. However, you don't have to give up on the afterlife, because the things Yeshua taught are what he said are the requirements for entering into eternal life.

 The “Y” Team  model uses a sports model for teaching and practicing the values, morals and wisdom principles Yeshua's original group experienced. They didn't passively sit and listen to lectures. They interacted in discussions about how to apply what Yeshua taught them where ever they were -- in the markets, at the temple and synagogues, interacting with government officials, in their families, while they traveled, at work, when they encountered strangers, when they had conflicts with other members, etc. They practiced and practiced and practiced doing Yeshua's values, morals and wisdom principles. Following Yeshua was about doing what he did, not about believing someone's unproovable speculations about who they thought he was.

Members of The "Y" Team interact with The "Y" Team Coaching Staff in learning experiences and for guidance in "practicing" what they learn -- and seeing the results of incorporating Yeshua's values, morals and wisdom principles in their lives

The bottom line of Yeshua's teachings is this -- The most important thing for us to do is do acts of love for God by doing acts of love for ourselves and doing the same kind of acts of loves for othersActs of love are acts that protect lives, preserve lives, make lives more functional and increase the quality of life. It is impossible to love God without loving yourself and your neighbor.  

The journey of The "Y" Team begin with the focus on the member and making her or his life safer and better. It is to help members learn to do Yeshua's type of acts of love for themselves first and then move outwards from there to those closest to them (family members and friends). From there to move on to other circles -- neighbors, networks, work, schools, etc.

If The "Y" Team sounds like an option you would like to explore