(1) How many conflicts and issues dividing American involve Christian beliefs?

(2) How important are accurate understandings about the life of and teachings of Jesus (Yeshua)?

(3) How important is it for Christians to know exactly what Jesus (Yeshua) taught about the afterlife?

(4) Why are there literally thousands of Christian denominations, non-denominations and independent churches that disagree, compete and never interact with one another?

 (5) What roles would Yeshua want local churches to play in their communities?

The Y Team Option

​The “Y” stands for “Yeshua”, the actual name of the “Jesus of Christianity.”  It would be over 1,500 years after Yeshua lived and taught before the word "Jesus" first appears. Why is important for people, especially Christians, to know about the life and teachings of Yeshua? Consider the following questions:​

Learning about the life of Yeshua and accurately understanding his teachings in light of his culture and time period provide answers to the above questions and many others. Y Team members learn how to use techniques of modern science to better understand what the words of Yeshua meant to him -- and how different Christian beliefs developed over the centuries. They also learn how to participate in conversations with people that have conflicting or different belief systems -- and do it in ways that are mutually beneficial.

We use a team approach because it best reflects the model Yeshua used to train his students. His method of teaching was much more like a coach than a professor. His goal was to develop the skills of his team members to do the things he taught, for example if they became angry. Yeshua introduced a revolutionary new message based on a radical interpretation of a commandment of mutual love. His team members learned how to love to God, love themselves and love the people that they encountered in their lives – and then practiced their skills for doing those things. Yeshua never expected his followers to compartmentalize their “religion” from the rest of their lives.

Y Team members address the unique challenges they have today that Yeshua and his team members never faced – living in a democracy, having the power of social media at their fingertips, being surrounded by people from multiple societies with very different cultures, scientific, etc. An amazing thing that Y Team members learn is that even in our very different world Yeshua’s values, morals and wisdom principles still apply to our lives today.

Y Team members are networked together through social media options. We will be adding live streaming sessions soon. In addition, team members receive information about activities, questions and discussions by email that isn’t posted online. Team members are encouraged to send comments, questions and suggestions with the Y Team coaching staff. Many of the responses will be shared with the entire team, unless they are related to personal situations.

How do you become part of the Y Team? Becoming a Y Team member simply requires sending an email and letting us know that you have decided to become part of our team. You will receive an email with instructions from a Y Team coach. Please keep in mind that they are real people not algorithms so it may take a little time for them to read your email and respond. You will not be a number, a client, a customer, etc. You are a member of the team and they want to help you acquire the skills you need to be a successful Y Team member.

How much does it cost to join? There is no charge to join. However, it costs money for us to do what is needed to make the operation of the Y Team possible. All we ask is that after you understand what we do and determine whether it is of value to you -- if you consider it valuable become a contributor and help fund its activities and operation. People that you do not know have made that decision and their donations make it possible for you to become part of the team now. You choose the amount to donate and how often you do so.

Review the Y Team Playbook.

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