Do you see a young or old woman?

What you see influences how you think about and relate to her.
   ● We treat young and old people in different ways.
   ● We have different expectations about how young and old people should act.
People looking at this picture see two different women -- at exactly the same time.
   ● The necklace of the young woman is the mouth of the old woman.
   ● The tip of the nose of the old woman is the chin of the young woman.
   ● The ear of the young woman is the left eye of the old woman.
   ● The chin of the old woman is the chest of the young woman.

Once you are able to see both women in the same picture, you can switch them back and forth in your mind - but you cannot see both women at the same time.

The picture does not change.
The only thing that changes is the belief model your brain is using

If you understand this, you will be able to understand why two people experiencing the same thing at the same time or at different times are able to describe it in very different ways. The people seeing different women while looking at the same picture could create very different stories about the woman they see.  In the previous email (click here to see), I discussed how people view their life experiences through “Bubbles of Rightness.” Those bubbles are generated by the brain from the belief models it has.  Therefore,  arguing over who is right or wrong won’t work. There is a much better option:

Help each other explore the belief models their brains are using!
This transforms conflicts that divide us into relationship building opportunities!

I will continue this discussion in the next email. I really appreciate you taking time to read this. Please share it and discuss it with friends (click here to see this model in a pdf version).

May Your Shalom Increase,
Jim Myers

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