Invitation from Jim Myers

I have been working hard for a long time on how to share what I have been learning from my work at the Biblical Heritage Center and the TOV Center. My journey initially began with one goal in mind – understanding the words of Jesus as accurately as possible. And, over the past 35+ years, that has continued to top priority.

As some of you may know, my journey has taken many twists and turns as I followed facts I discovered. Facts are very stubborn things. They wouldn’t change to match-up with my BS (belief system), so I had to change my BS to match-up with the facts.

As we have been exploring options for sharing what we have discovered, one option that emerged is The “Y” Team. It is an option for people like me that value the teachings of Jesus and come from a Christian biblical heritage. We share many things and there is no reason for others to have to struggle for years or decades to find answers that are stored in our databases right now. As The “Y” Team grows, we believe it will become a new community option for many, who are longing and searching for real life face-to-face relationships and interactions.

In my opinion, in our angry fractured world today, a community like the one we envision has the greatest potential to transform belief conflicts into opportunities for creating Values-Based Relationships and transforming conflicts into actions that protect and preserve minds, bodies and communities.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, simply send me an email and let me know. After I receive your OK, I will add you to The “Y” Team roster (not a public document). You will receive emails with attached information for “Y” Team members to review and act on as their schedules permit. Keep in mind you will be communicating with me and not an algorithm. Responses probably won't be instantaneous, but will be handled in the order I receive emails.

Again, if this sound like something for you, send me an email and tell me to add you to The “Y” Team. Click here to email me.

Jim Myers

"Y" Team Coordinator