BHC Guidelines and Models

BHC Explorers Primary Guideline
My belief system will be large enough for all facts,
open enough to be examined and questioned,
and flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.


Beliefs are memetic models with names, identifying information,

and strategies linked to the name.

We are members of one of the three million species with a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) code

written in four letters. Sections of DNA are called “genes.”​ Genes contain instructions

that tell cells what to do and when to do it – make a muscle, bone, lung, toe, brain, etc. 

The Human Genome is the complete set of genetic instructions required

to create a human body. It contains about 3,000,000,000 (three-billion) letters.

​(See Humans)

Identity Profile

An Identify Profile begins with a name and then identifies genetic factors,

memetic factors, and social factors linked to that name. 


Memes are pieces of electro-chemical information that are in the neural networks

of a brain and have been replicated in other brains. 

​(See Brain)


A word is a symbol or sound, or a group of symbols or sounds with an attached bundle of associations.

The Source is the person speaking or writing the words.

 The bundle of associations is the product of the Source’s culture,

time period, geographical location, and personal experiences.
See Words)