What must one do to be saved?

Take a moment and think about your answer to this question. Now, if you are able, write it down in the space below before you continue.

For many, the above question is “the most important question of all.” Why? Because being saved from “an eternity burning in the fires of Hell” is something they definitely do not want to experience! So, what must one do to be saved from an eternity in Hell? Christians do not agree on the answer, as you will see in the answers below:

One must belong to the only one universal Church, outside which no one at all is saved.

One must believe that salvation comes only by God's grace or "unmerited favor."

● One must have been chosen to be saved by God at the creation of the Heavens and Earth.

● One must believe in free grace, free salvation, free will, the Bible is the very word of God without error in all that it affirms, tithe, totally abstain from alcoholic beverages and do no work on Sunday.

● One must have a personal religious experience of overpowering emotions.

● One must believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, the Atonement of Jesus for human sins, the physical Resurrection of Jesus, the imminent return of Jesus to earth, and the inerrancy of Scripture. 

● One must believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord, confess with their mouth that he rose from the dead and that he will return and judge all people.

 All of the above are the answers given by different Christian institutions. Did the answer you wrote above match any?  Click Here to Read the Complete Article.