Yeshua in ancient Hebrew.

​It was in 1985 that I first heard someone say that "Jesus was a Jew." I (Jim Myers) was minister and pastor of a church. Back then lots of people thought it was shocking and for some it was equal to blasphemy! Today, many of those same people say, "Everybody knows that!"

The problem we have today is that even though lots of people know that “Jesus was a Jew,” they haven’t considered how that changes the meanings of the “
words in red” in the New Testaments. In my case, it meant that every doctrine I had been taught about Jesus and the theologies I had been taught about God -- were all wrong! Jesus didn’t teach them and he would have been very upset with anyone that did!

Until about 1995 I approached this situation as a religious thing, lots of discussions went on about it in “scholarly circles,” but they are rarely shared with the people in the pews. Scholars have been writing articles, papers and books about these things forever, but they rarely impact the real world in which people live. I realized that America was fundamentally changing in many ways at the same time – religiously, politically, economically and socially. I knew we had to make it a "social thing."

Now, because of social media communications, something very dangerous has taken place – “We the people has been atomized into a cloud of separate individuals (consumers, corporations and political parties) who are all seeking their own self-interest." This social fragmentation of America is steadily undermining the “security of the whole society.” It has literally recast the meaning of “individual existence.” We have gone from being members of a “whole society” to being "mindless competitors in a race for individual gratification." We must find a larger unifying purpose than “self-gratification” to give our lives real meanings and purpose.

Amazingly, in a number of similar ways, the Jewish Jesus faced the same situation. However, it was religious sects that were polarizing and dividing his society. His teachings created a “social and spiritual glue” that brought people from those sects together into a movement he called the “Kingdom of God.” It had nothing to do with theologyit focused on repairing the state of human lives and healing relationships. And, unlike the religion I had grown up in, the primary focus of the Jewish Jesus was not on “believing the right things about him so believers could go to heaven and live there forever.”

Today there are over two-billion people alive that identify themselves as “Christians.” There hundreds of millions more that hold some “Christian beliefs and values,” but do not participate in organized institutional Christianity. There are at least two-hundred million Christians in America. There is one thing all of the people in those groups sharethey value Jesus and the Bible. We believe that members of those groups could find common ground in the values the Jewish Jesus taughtif they actually understood what he taught. We believe that the shared time-tested values of Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus, have the power to begin healing our fractured societyand could transform churches into centers of life for all people.

Jesus’s actual name was ‘Yeshua.” We created The Real Yeshua Project to introduce “Christians that believe in and love Jesus,” to the Real Yeshua. We believe that the values of the Real Yeshua will appeal to many people who are searching for a purpose in life that’s greater than constantly struggling to just survive.

We are in the initial stages of uploading "
The Real Yeshua Handbook" – a guide book for learning about those values and the teachings of Yeshua. Bookmark that page and check it often. I will be adding lots of new information to it regularly. It will present the information in a module format that will be easy to follow.

For now I will also leave the old format online until I get it all updated. You can view it by clicking here.

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