Yeshua in ancient Hebrew.

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Christianity today is an identity that mutually exclusive groups and unaffiliated individuals claim to be their own. Three very important parts of "Christian" identities are GodJesus and a Bible. Isolationism is also a primary characteristic of Christian groups and self-identifying individuals today. Churches do not have regular interactions with other churches and self-identifying Christians have no commitments to any religious authorities. The bottom line is that the leaders of each Christian group or self-identifying individual creates its own version of God and Jesus, usually through its own interpretation of whichever Bible it happens to have -- and it's time to own it!

Why is it so important to own it now? The unforeseen consequences of this epidemic of hyper-individualism has exposed our generation to more potential dangers to our individual lives, to the lives of our children and to our nation than any generation in the history of America. The solution is to find ways to come together, share a common identity and commit to shared valuesWe believe that people with biblical heritages have a distinct advantage in doing this.

Our goal is not to create or recreate another religion. Our goal is to make Christian groups and self-identified individuals aware of the origins of their biblical heritages and show them how those biblical heritages changed over the centuries. We do not want to destroy Christian groups that exist now -- they have the potential of immediately making the biggest impact of all. They have already established relationships, meeting places and organizational structures. They already exist in towns and cities across America. 

In addition we have a new option for power that individuals have never had before -- social media. For self-identified unaffiliated individuals The Real Yeshua Project can be a hub for connecting with others that share the common goal of learning about him.  Choose whatever options work for you.

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Our bibles are treasure chests of time-tested values, powerful wisdom principles and mysteries that have a power far beyond anything we can explain.  We invite you to join us on our journey. 

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