The Real Yeshua Project

​We created the Real Yeshua Project to share culturally and linguistically based information about Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus. We used the BHC Linguistic & Bible Study Guidelines, as well as belief models we have created over the years. In addition we have used the best information resources available who have reconstructed Yeshua's words in the Hebrew language and attached meanings from his culture and time period to them. This has revealed a number of significant differences between what he taught and what we had been taught that he said.

We acknowledge the existence of numerous Christian denominational and nondenominational institutions that disagree over a number of theological and christological issues. There are also differences about the answer to most important question in the minds of most Christians -- What is required for one to be saved from eternal punishment in Hell and spend eternity in Heaven with God?  We believe that Yeshua's teachings on that subject should be something that Christians are aware of.   

BHC also provides information about how the words of Yeshua changed over the centuries as they passed through different cultures and new believers created new Christian institutions. Yeshua culture was a Late Second Temple Period Judean culture in which the Second Temple was the center of authority. It was destroyed in 70 CE and two new "landless" religions emerged several centuries later -- Rabbinic Judaism and Gentile Christianity.  Both religions are significantly different from "Temple Judaism."

Today there are over two-billion people alive that identify themselves as “Christians,” but what "being a Christian" means is not a "bundle of associations" that they share. Christians with polar opposite beliefs exists. Christians have fought on opposing sides in many wars and killed each other. Germany was a country in World War II that had a 94% Christian population -- a nation that tried to "exterminate Yeshua's people."  What would Yeshua think about that?

The bottom line is that today "Christian" can mean just about anything you can imagine -- and that's why the Real Yeshua Project and BHC are needed. Yeshua's teachings and movement focused on protecting and preserving lives, making lives more functional and increasing the qualities of life on earth now. He taught his followers to pray, "God's will be done on Earth." Yeshua's entire message and movement are based on the oldest value in the Jewish Scriptures -- God values human lives first and foremost!

The model for exercising power over humans that God taught the first two He people created was "shepherding." All leaders are to be judged by how well they fulfill the role of being a good shepherd over God's flock. What does a "good shepherd" do? He or she protects and preserves lives, makes lives more functional and increases the qualities of life for the members of the flock. Yeshua was viewed as the "Good Shepherd" prophesied by Ezekiel.  Where did Ezekiel get that idea? Have you ever read Psalm 23 -- "The Lord is my shepherd . . . ." Or, Genesis 1 -- "And God created mankind in His image?" Those were core beliefs and values of the Real Yeshua. 

What would happen if American Christians valued the same things Yeshua valued? How would that affect life in America now? What kind of impact would it have on a democratic society.  The Real Yeshua taught time-tested Lives 1st values  and principles -- not theologies, mythologies or blind submission to authority!   The first step for learning about the Real Yeshua is learning about yourself by Examining Your Beliefs.

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