Why is the Real Yeshua Project important? One reason is that over two billion people identify themselves as Christians today. Christians are believers in Jesus Christ. Yeshua is the person identified as "Jesus" in English New Testaments. If you had asked people in Galilee and Judea about someone named "Jesus," they would have known who were talking about. During the time Yeshua led his movement, there were no Christians, churches or New Testaments. There were also no Gentile members.

​Today, it is estimated that 1/3 of the world's population (over 2.2 billion people), which includes over 70% of Americans (over 225 million) identify themselves as "Christians." Those stats are very misleading however because it makes it sound as if they all belonged to something in common. Research published in World Christian Trends AD 30–AD 2200 paints a very different picture. In 2000, their research revealed that globally Christianity was divided into 33,820 denominations / paradenominations. There were numerous conflicts between their Belief Systems and it is not uncommon to find Christians who disagree about whether other Christians are really "Christians."

Christians have been engaged in Belief Conflicts from its beginning as Paul Movement. His followers were the first to be called "Christians." Outsiders living in Antioch gave them that name. The Gospels of Yeshua and Paul clashed from the very beginning. As long as the center of the Yeshua Movement was Jerusalem and it was led by Yeshua's brother Jacob (James) and the apostles Yeshua hand picked (excluding Judas), the focus of the movement was on the Kingdom of God message Yeshua taught. After the Roman armies destroyed the Second Temple and drove Jews away from their homeland, Paul's Gospel began to spread among Gentile communities.

The Christianities that emerged were unfamiliar with Yeshua's culture, a mandatory requirement for accurately understanding his life and teachings. When human minds encounter unknowns and gaps in stories, they automatically fill in them in with information from their lives and cultures. For almost 2,000 years Gentile minds have been adding layers of new meanings over the words of Yeshua. Today, many are involved in "linguistic archaeology" identifying and digging through them to reveal Yeshua's life and teachings.

Bringing transparency to the history of Christianity is also a top priority of the Real Yeshua Project. Christians have done many very good things in the name of Jesus and Christianity, but they have also done the opposite. We must acknowledge both and consider their causes. Crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, slavery and the use of predatory colonization to strip aboriginal peoples of their land and resources all involved Christian organizations and leaders. Adolph Hitler came into power in a democracy with a population that was 94% Christian.

Yeshua's message and movement was based on protecting and preserving human life, freeing people from oppression and making lives more complete and whole. Christian religions, on the other hand, focused on believing the "right" things and membership in the "right" church. Today, the lives of many people are in need of groups committed to doing what Yeshua taught and making lives safer, better, happier, healthier and more fulfilled right here on earth. 

The Real Yeshua Project is not about creating religious groups that live like Yeshua and his fellow Jews lived 2,000 years ago. His religion was a "Temple" religion. The rabbis, after the destruction of Temple in 70 CE, confronted that issue and created a Judaism in which synagogues and homes functioned as the centers of religious activities. Yeshua's teachings provide a wealth of wisdom and values that could dramatically transform Christian churches and homes into centers of restoration and life. We created the Real Yeshua Project to provide a way for people to compare their Jesus to Yeshua.

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Yeshua in ancient Hebrew.

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