About the Biblical Heritage Center, Inc.

Our Journey 

Guiding Principles

It is our position that people honestly and sincerely seeking the highest quality of information will recognize the value factual information, document it and incorporate it into their Belief Systems. The Biblical Heritage Center, Inc. (“BHC” hereafter) is not a religious institution and therefore does not have a doctrinal statement, statement of faith or a creed. BHC is an educational, research and information distributing organization that “promotes transparency in all belief systems” – religious, spiritual, political and economic.

BHC Discussions Guideline

Our belief systems must be large enough to include all the facts; 
they must be open enough to be examined and questioned; and, 
they must be flexible enough to change when errors or new facts are discovered

How could anyone that says they are "honestly" seeking the truth do otherwise?  Could one honestly be a seeker of truth if he or she rejected factual information, refused to allow his or her beliefs to be examined or questioned, or refused to change when any belief was found to be based upon error or become outdated because of the new factual information?  

BHC Bible Study Guideline

Learning about our biblical heritages is by default a “team experience.” It requires interactions in the safe open environments created by a group of people that have agreed to follow the BHC Discussions Guideline above. At the heart of the process is the study of biblical texts we all value and share. We use the guideline below when we study the words of the bible and when we discuss things with each other.

A word consists of symbols or sounds with a bundle of associations,

and those associations are the product of the Source’s social culture,

historical time period, geographical location and personal experiences.

When we read the words of the Bible, the ancient authors of the books are the “Sources,” and when people in the group discuss them, each speaker becomes the “Source.”


  • To help people, and to engage the help of people, in the quest for and discovery of the most accurate information possible, discover.

  • To help people discover time-tested wisdom principles, values, moral and ethical guidelines in the ancient biblical texts.

  • To provide science-based information. related to BHC's mission.  


  • a clearer perception of the reasons for the emergence of so many belief systems

  • a better understanding of mutually beneficial moral and ethical guidelines for creating relationships and living together in a society

  • a more tolerant attitude toward people with different belief systems

  • a lessening of tensions between and among people with different belief systems

  • a reduction of religious, political and economic discrimination

  • the elimination of many long-standing prejudices

  • networking together to create changes that make our parts of the world better, happier, and safer now.

Research and Development

BHC will engage in research and development the following projects:

  • link people to sources of highest quality information

  • identify different qualities of information

  • create databases that document discoveries and make it retrievable

  • help people incorporate new discoveries into their belief systems

  • produce and distribute information to its subscribers, members and affiliates

Directors and Officers

Ike Tennison, President
Jim Myers, Vice President
Susan Myers, Secretary/Treasurer