This makes the human brain the most complex known object in the universe!

Our realities -- waking lives and dreams -- emerge from the “firing” of a brain’s trillions of synaptic connections as information crosses the gap between neurons.

Our awareness of ourselves, of everything else in the world,
and beliefs about things that may not exist,
are created when firing takes place in synoptic connections.
Awareness takes place in constellations of firing in synaptic connections.

When we remember a past experience, the same constellations of firings that took place in the original event are repeated – “remembering” is actually a “refiring.” Today we know that belief models are created by the brain from life experiences and then used by the brain to attach meanings to sensory perceptions – pieces of past constellations of neural firings are connected to pieces of present constellations. It is important to understand that belief models are much more than “statements about things.” They include sensory information received by all of our senses at that moment, along with layers of emotions, expectations and feelings.

Instead of being abstract statements about things,
belief models are memories of experiences in life that linked to things.


The Brain: Our Reality Generator

Neurons are the cells that make up the brain and neural systems of the body. There are an estimated 86 billion neurons in the brain. The cortex is main information processing area of the brain and it contains about 30 billion neurons. An average neuron in the brain has about ten thousand dendrites (inputs) and about ten thousand axon terminals (outputs). Information enters a neuron through its thousands of dendrites, flows down the axon and exits through its thousands of axon terminals. The synaptic cleft is the space between an axon terminal and a dendrite. When we consider the number of possible synaptic connections in just the 30 billion neurons in cortex, we are dealing with hyper-astronomical numbers: 10 followed by at least a million zeros.

The number below is the total number of particles in the known universe:

10 followed by 79 zeros (give or take a few).