In late 1990, a few months after Jim Myers' first grandson was born, he was sitting in his study flipping through a magazine when a picture of the people who died at Jonestown appeared.  His eyes immediately focused on the soles of two little shoes on the feet of a little dead child laying between two adults, which he assumed were its parents.  

As he looked at those little feet, he wondered if that the little child had a grandfather somewhere who cared as much for him as he did about his. Then, as he pondered how this could have happened, this question came to him -- "What was so powerful that it could cause a loving mother to place a glass of poison to the lips of her baby, look into its eyes, and tell it to drink?"

Surely, he thought, I would never do that to my grandson! Instantly the answer to the above question exploded in his mind -- "An unexamined religious belief system!"

Even though he was the pastor of a church, he had never really examined the origin of his religious beliefs. As he thought about how powerful his religious beliefs were -- and how much they controlled his life -- he never investigated them. His religious beliefs clearly affected what he did with his time, how he spent his money, his relationship with his wife & children, and what he was preaching from the pulpit.

He began examining the beliefs Jim Jones taught his followers and quickly realized that many of their beliefs were the same. Jim Jones was a Christian and many of his messages included the same Bible verses that he preached too.  He taught many of the same doctrines and had also been actively involved in helping people in need.

This was transformational experience that led Jim to spend many months researching his personal and religious beliefs, beginning with where they originated and how he acquired them. Making people aware of the importance of examining their religious belief systems became a priority in his work and that led to creation of the Biblical Heritage Center.

In the early 1990s a lot of people didn't grasp the importance of examining religious belief systems. Most people believed their lives would never be affected by someone like Jim Jones. They didn't feel like they would ever be lured into a cult like his. But things changed after September 11, 2001. Americans suddenly became acutely aware of how dangerous belief systems could become. Today, we understand that someone's religious beliefs could be very dangerous to any of us -- if we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  
Jim really believed that this was something he could do to honor and remember that child -- so his life would not be forgotten.

We are facing many challenges today that are related to religious beliefs -- radical Islam, abortion, same sex marriages, homosexuality, religious freedom, immigration, etc. We all have the tendency to use our Religious Belief System or Anti-Religious Belief System as the Standard for judging everyone else's Belief Systems. Since over 70% of Americans have Christian Religious Beliefs it is essential that we do what Jim did before we use it to judge anyone else. We created this website to help you do it. Take a moment to go back to the Home Page and become acquainted with the layout and explore it. Please contact us if we may of assistance. Also sign up below for our free updates. Enjoy your journey and be empowered.

The Little Shoes