Building a “Transparency Vocabulary”

You have probably been told that two subjects you should avoid at all costs, especially with strangers, are religion and politics. Those conversations often end up like this.

But things are different when they are discussion between “team members.” We both agreed to follow the guideline below:

I will make my Belief System large enough to include all of the Facts.
I will be open enough to allow my Beliefs to be examined and questioned.
I will be flexible enough to change my Beliefs if Errors or new Facts are discovered.

Now we need to agree about the meanings of specific words of the guideline, and some other words we will soon be using in our studies and discussions.

1. Memes are pieces of memories that exist in the neural networks of human brains and are replicated in other human brains.

2. Beliefs are memes. The power of a belief is measured by the amount of trust an individual places in it.

3. Institutional Truths are trusted beliefs created by institutions and back by institutional authority.

4. Facts exist independently of humans. Facts are sensory perceived any human with healthy functioning sensory organs. In many cases today, technologies are required for sensory organs to perceive them, for example telescopes, microscopes, MRIs, etc.

5. Languages are institutional truths and consists of symbols. Language is the way humans communicate memes, beliefs, institutional truths and information about facts to other humans.

It is very important to develop your Transparency Skills so you can make accurate distinctions between beliefs, institutional truths and facts when you are reading texts, engaging in discussions or making decisions. It is essential to understand that the subconscious function of the human brain processes all forms of information exactly the same.  This is a weakness that predators and brain hackers use to get their weaponized memes, fake news, etc. into their unsuspecting victims brains. They know that once they can plant their memes in brains, the biological functions of the brain will take over from there. We will learn much more about this in future Team activities.

For now, practice using your Transparency Skills on your thoughts and words. Identify beliefs, institutional truths and facts. Then practice with Team Members in your studies and discussions. Just like in any sport, the more you practice the better you become at exercising those skills. 

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