Our God Beliefscapes

For almost 30 years now, Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and I (Jim Myers) have been friends working together to better understand the origins of our religions – Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity. The beliefscapes below demonstrate how they bring transparency into discussions; in this case it is a subject lots of people try to avoid at all costs – God!

​​If you had asked us about our beliefs about God when we first began our journey, our beliefscapes would have been identical. It is the beliefscape above our pictures. The Identification Meme you asked about was “God.” Simply read the memes that are to the right of the word “God.” Based on that beliefscape it sounds like we believe exactly the same things about God, doesn't it?

But, if you had asked us the name of our God, that would have changed the Identification Memes and produced two completely different beliefscapes. Jeffrey’s answer would have been “Yahweh,” while mine would have been the “Trinity.” “Yahweh” is a euphemism we use for the four Hebrew letters of the actual name that is written in Jewish Scriptures.

Simply by creating the three simple beliefscapes above we brought transparency into our discussion about “God.” They produce an immediate awareness of important differences in our beliefs systems.

Today in discussion in which the Identification Meme “God” is used, we ask them to use the “name of the God” instead of the Identification Meme for “a category of entities” called “gods.” As discussions progress we create new beliefscapes for Identification, Expectation, Distinction and Strategy Memes when needed. And, as Jeffrey and I have discovered many times, changes in beliefscapes change realities too!

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