​Jesus or Paul Series

​Making People’s Lives Right or Making People’s Beliefs Right?

Introduction (Part 1)

What difference does it make in the real world if Christians, non-Christians or anyone else follow the teachings of Jesus or Paul? This may be a confusing question for some, because for readers of English translations of Bibles, it appears that Jesus and Paul spend a lot of time teaching about the very same thing -- “righteousness.” Click here to read Part 1

The Most Important Word in the Teachings of Jesus (Part 2)

Jumping from back and forth from one language to another can be a little confusing. But, simply using the traditional translation of the Hebrew word tzedaqah (“righteousness”) may be more confusing.  The word “righteousness” is code word –  a religious word lots of people are very familiar with but rarely use in their daily conversations.  

It is the most important word in the teachings of Jesus. Click here to learn what it meant to him.

The Breaking of Shalom (Part 3)
Making the “right to live” a reality requires “loyalty to the community” by God and people. Leaders and members of the community are responsible for creating and maintaining that environment. We see this in the second definition above.

The entire community is charged with the responsibility of “the elimination of anything breaking the shalom.”

This is the cornerstone of human justice. Click Here to read the complete article

Only What People Do Counts (Part 4)

Jesus taught doing acts of tzedaqah (righteousness) and they are so much more than just giving food, drink, clothes, etc.

They were all done by one person for another person and they were also face-to-face experiences, acts of acceptance,

acts of love and even more.  Click Here to read the  complete blog

Part 5

To be uploaded.

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