The First Story in Genesis

The Universal Wisdom Gift to All People

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1. Narrator:

In the beginning ELOHIM created the SHAMAYYIM and the ERETZ.

The ERETZ did not exist, darkness was upon the deep waters and

the RUACH ELOHIM was hovering above the surface of the waters. (1:1-2)

BHC Guide:
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“Let light exist!” (1:3a)

 3. Narrator:

Light existed. ELOHIM saw the Light, that it was TOV.

ELOHIM distinguished between the Light and the Darkness.

ELOHIM named the Light “YOM,” and the Darkness “Night.”

It was evening and it was morning, YOM One. (1:3b-5) 

PDF of the complete text of the First Story

Introduction to Exploring the Bible by Using BHC Texts

Learning Biblical Heritage Center Exploring Skills 

​People who only read and hear an English text of this story cannot understand the ancient story by replacing the original Hebrew words with English translations. Their brains have very strong and powerful internal belief models for each English word, especially the key words – God, Heavens, Earth, Spirit, good, etc.

Over the last 30+ years I have tried to use transliterations of Hebrew words, but since an English-only reader’s brain doesn’t have internal belief models for the English transliterations, this simply doesn’t work very well.

There is a third option – teaching everyone a Hebrew language course. Many years ago I tried to do that too, but because of the time investment and work involved -- it really isn’t an option for most people.

But thanks to Google Translator, we have a new option. The way people naturally learn a language is first hearing people speaking it. In the text of Genesis below, I still use transliterations of key Hebrew words, but now they are linked to Google Translator.-- so you can hear them too! When you click on a transliterated word, a new page will open that looks like the graphic below.
Click on the speaker symbol (the red arrow pointing at it). You will hear the Hebrew word. I suggest that you listen to it several times and that you say it too. When you are ready to return to page with the biblical text, just close the Google Translator page.  

By the time you finish reading the first story in the Bible and hearing the transliterations, your brain will have built new internal belief models for the transliterations of the Hebrew words. This BHC Exploring skill will transform your Bible reading and understanding skills. New portions of biblical texts will be added regularly. Now you are ready to begin Exploring the Bible!