Below are articles from our archives. They may not include information we now have. As time passes, and our ability to add people to our staff increases, we will be updating many of the articles below. However, they will help you much better understand who Yeshua is and what he taught.  


The Language of Yeshua

   From Yeshua to Jesus (Click Here to View Online)

  Yeshua Read and Spoke Hebrew at the Synagogue (Click Here to View Online)

  It's a Yod, NOT a Jot and Tittle (Click Here to View Online)

  Jot or Tittle?

  Yeshua Thought in Hebrew (Click Here to View Online)

 "Kingdom of God" or "Kingdom of Heaven"? (Click Here to View Online)

Yeshua: Teacher of Jewish Scriptures

   Speaking the words of the scrolls instead of reading the Bible (Click Here to View Online)

   Yeshua Master Teacher of the Jewish Scriptures (Click Here to View Online)

   Yeshua was a Recognized Torah Scholar by Community Leaders (Click Here to View Online)

Yeshua on The Kingdom of Heaven & Eternal Life

​   Did Jesus Promote Violence of Shalom

   Yeshua on the Afterlife (Click Here to View Online)

   Jesus on Equality & Love

Rediscovering the Power of The Lord's Prayer

   Prayer in Yeshua's Religion & Culture

   Our Father in Heaven

   May Your Name Be Sanctified

​   Your Kingdom Come Your Will Be Done

   Give Us Our Daily Bread

​   Forgive Us the Debt of Our Sins

​   Our Father’s Prayer for the Fathers on Earth


​We created the Real Yeshua Project to share factual, cultural and linguistic-based information about Yeshua -- the original Jewish Jesus

We acknowledge the facts that numerous Christian institutions exist, 

they disagree over a many theological and christological issues and

they defend their positions instead of resolving the differences.

There is no one religion called "Christianity" -- and there has never been. There have been many religions that identify themselves as "Christian." The members of all of those religions view "Christ" as their central figure -- Christ-ianity. They believe that "Jesus" is "Christ."

"Believing in Jesus" is a basic requirement for being a member of a Christian denominational church,

nondenominationl church, many cults, as well as, individuals that "self-identify as " Christian.

Without Jesus, the religions of over two billion people would not exist. However, the fact is those religions exist with different beliefs about Jesus and God! The bottom line is that today Christian, Jesus and God mean just about anything anyone can imagine. Billions of lives are affected in many different ways by conflicting beliefs about a Jesus created by competing Christian institutions over the past 2,000 years. That is also a fact! 

An important goal of the Real Yeshua Project is to introduce people to the one who is viewed as the founder of Christianity and allow them to hear his words so they can compare them to their beliefs about Jesus. We believe that this something every Christian wants to know -- what Jesus actually taught. This creates transparency too. 

We have a tremendous amount of information to share with you. It comes from almost forty years of research. It will take awhile for us to figure out how to get it to you.  For the most up-to-date information subscribe to our Exploring Our Biblical Heritages Mail List (below) and Like/Follow our Facebook Pages -- Biblical Heritage Center & Real Yeshua Project.