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Science-Based Guidelines & Models for Exploring Belief Systems, Bibles and Religious Institutions.

Using  a "Sports Model"  that Allows People to Participate on Multiple Levels -- 
Fans, Explorers, Team Members and Guides. 

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You can explore as an individual, but you will be very limited when it comes to examining your own Belief System. Exploring is a Team Activity. You cannot objectively explore your own Belief System because your brain won't let you do it. Its subconscious function processes information one million times faster than your conscious function, which means it determines what you are even aware of. Someone else will be able to see many things in your Belief System better than you.

You learn by taking Exploration Tours that allow you to examine your own Belief System, while helping others do the same. You also develop your "Exploring Skills" by using BHC Guidelines & Models. The Exploring Skills you develop by Exploring Biblical Heritages can be applied to all Belief Systems -- Religious, Political, Economic, etc. Take the two Tours below so you will understand what we are talking about. Begin with the BHC Primary Guideline.

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Click on the BHC Primary Guideline Above.  It will guide you through the other Guideline and Models.

Create Your Home Team. Share our Educational Emails with others and find one friend to Explore with you. Begin with one or two people while you are a "Rookie Explorer." Later you can increase the size of your team to about five members. Everyone must always have a place at the table and have opportunities to make their voices heard. We are committed to doing everything that we can to make your explorations successful!

Take the Introductory Tours.  After you become familiar with the Guidelines and Models above, you will be directed to our Introductory Tours -- Exploring What Humans Are and Exploring Our Bibles

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