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​​Exploring Our Biblical Heritages is a science-based educational approach for understanding the books of Bibles and how they have played major roles in cultures and their religious, political, economic, social institutions, and families. The Biblical Heritage Center, Inc. is not a religious organization, we are an educational non-profit corporation. Our work is committed to the guideline below and we ask participants in our gatherings to agree to follow it.

My belief system will be large enough to include all facts,
open enough to be examined and questioned,
and flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.

The guideline creates the open and safe environment required for successful exploring. All participants give each other permission to examine and ask questions about each other’s beliefs. We are all committed to remove errors from our personal belief systems and adding the facts that we had not known to our belief systems.

Exploring requires a "team approach." As you will learn, our most important objective is teaching people how identify primary beliefs in their "personal belief systems." Your "belief system" is located in the neural networks of your brain. If you try to examining your belief system by yourself, you will probably be about as successful as your would be if you tried to perform neurosurgery on your own brain!

A very important benefit of developing exploring skills is that you will learn how to successfully communicate with other people about subjects that many people try to avoid in many cases. In addition, many people today do not know how to communicate face-to-face with people outside of their circle of close friends or contacts on social media.

1. The journey begins by signing up for our FREE Educational Emails below.

2. Do the modules below in the order they given (new modules will be added as they are completed). 

3. Create or become part of a team of explorers. It can begin with just one person, but limit it to no more than five. The reason is that everyone's voice must be heard. This isn't one person lecturing everyone else. 

4. Network with other Explorer's Teams online or locally. Send your commits and questions tojim@biblicalheritagecenter.org

BHC provides this information for FREE. We are able to do this because of donations given by people who understand the importance of this information and want to help. 

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