Welcome to Exploring Our Biblical Heritages

The Biblical Heritage Center (BHC) created Exploring Biblical Heritages as a way for individuals and groups to learn about the people, movements and institutions that created the Scriptures, religions, and beliefs associated with the Bible. BHC is an educational nonprofit corporation, and we use educational emails and our website to explore biblical heritages.

1. Become an Explorer

The first step to launching your journey of exploring is subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page. Subscriptions are FREE. You will receive Exploring Our Biblical Heritages Educational Emails, along other emails with related information. We do not share your email address with anyone else. Emails, unlike social media, provides you with much more privacy. 

2. Learning How to Work Together and Create Identity Profiles

 Identity Profiles transform the way we read our Bibles. It is an important skill Explorers of Biblical Heritages develop as they explore together. Exploring Biblical Heritages is a team activity. We use guidelines and models to successfully achieve our goals. This requires people to work together and that begins with each explorer agreeing to follow this guideline. Click on graphic on the right to read or download.

2. Learn How to Ride Your Elephant

Instead of going to the gym to prepare your body to deal with primitive environments, you prepare your brain to explore new mental environments. Go to the “Exploring Page” on our website. Begin your training by “Learning How to Ride Your Elephant.”