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February 2017

BHC News & Updates, Early Christians and the Problem of the Jewish People and their Scriptures, The First English Bible, February Memorials, The Great Schism of 1054, Are You Seeing What Yeshua Said? & Free Online Bible Study Tools

March 2017

​BHC News & Updates, Are People More Concerned About “RIGHTNESS” than “RIGHTEOUSNESS”?, Great Program at Allen Public Library, March Memorials, What does the “Son of God” mean?, and Lessons From the “Old” Luther: Why Protesting Will Not Work.

April 2017

BHC News & UpdatesPassover: A Spiritual Lesson for Everyone by Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor, Saving Lives is Stronger than Death by Jim Myers, Who Inserted Chapters & Verses in the Bible by Jim Myers, Passover During the Time of Yeshua by Jim Myers and the April Memorials.

May 2017

A Conversation about “the Bible” by Dr. Ike Tennison & Jim Myers, When Nothing Will Ever Be the Same by Rabbi Jeffery Leynor, Shavu’ot by Jim Myers, Some Tips for Better Understanding Yeshua’s Life & Teachings by Jim Myers, The Spanish Inquisition by Jim Myers and May Memorials.

July 2017

Once upon a time a minister, professor and rabbi took a journey. . ., The Forgotten Father: The Man that Raised Jesus, The Importance of Creating Sacred Spaces in Life & the July Memorials.