Word Beliefscapes

Most beliefscapes are created from written documents instead of paintings or pictures. 

The ancient source was not an American and his words were written in ancient Hebrew instead of modern American English. In order to view his beliefscape we must discover the ancient belief models connected to the ancient Hebrew words. Once we create the source’s beliefscape we will be able to compare it to our beliefscapes and see if they are the same or different. Beliefscapes make invisible beliefs visible. They create transparency.

We will do this in a future project after you learn more about working with beliefscapesLearning how to work with beliefscapes empowers you to become a conscious participant in shaping your own reality – and understanding the realities of others. Sign up to receive our updates on our mailing list and by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

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​The English words above, however, reveal my beliefscape. They are not the words of ancient source’s beliefscape. To see it we must view his words andconnect his belief models to them.