Exploring the Past to Understand the Present

We are no longer dependent on mutually exclusive institutional sources for religious  (or other) information. Anyone with a smartphone has access to more information than has ever existed before in the history of the world. Our primary goal is to help you find diverse sources of accurate information.

Those of us with Christian Biblical Heritages have an opportunity to reverse a trend that has been going on for almost 2,000 years and turn a liability into an asset. Today, we know as a result of 21st century scientific discoveries, humans are genetic creatures. But, our DNA is not a fixed schematic for building an organism; rather, it sets up a dynamic system that continually rewrites its circuitry to reflect the world around it and to optimize its efficacy within it. Who you are emerges from everything you’ve interacted with: our environment, all of your experiences, your friends, your enemies, your culture, your belief system, your era — all of it. Although we value statements such as “he’s his own man” or “she’s an independent thinker,” there is in fact no way to separate yourself from the rich context in which you’re embedded. There is no you without the external. Your beliefs and dogmas and aspirations are shaped by it, inside and out, like a sculpture from a block of marble. 

For decades churches have been losing members. The Information Age we are living is creating in Institutional Statements of Faith, Creeds, and Belief Systems. The harm unexamined religious beliefs have done over the past 2,500 years have increased the value transparency exponentially.  Today, even an elementary school student can "Google" what the priest or preacher says! On the other hand, if Christians incorporate the foundational message the Jesus of history taught -- do acts that protect and preserve lives, make lives more function, and/or increase the quality of life for all people -- it would definitely make a society much better.

The Biblical Heritage Center exists to assist you in exploring biblical heritages.   We invite you to join us in the quest of transforming old belief conflicts into mutually beneficial relationships and making our lives safer, more informed, and better.​ Your journey begins by subscribing to our Educational Emails.